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About Didadi

Didadi jewelry came from our fantasy and they were born from the creator’s hands. Each of our creations has a history, a past with us and a future with you…
Their story is inspired by nature, people, life… Then they are created from beads, stones, corals, silver and love, in our workshop, a few kilometers from Athens. Just before they set off for their journey to your place they are wrapped in colorful paper packaging and they are ready to decorate your moments….

Welcome to the word of Didadi…

All of Didadi creations are handmade, designed with love for jewelry, elegance and simplicity. At the first glance, one can understand the Greek scent emitted, since they are designed and manufactured in Greece. The materials used are very high-quality (semi-precious stones, silver 925, waterproof materials, etc.), something that makes Didadi jewelry very resistant in time and nature. Our collection is renewed according to the season or the occasion and consists of numerous designs such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and custom made jewelry.

Write your own story and decorate it with Didadi handmade jewelry.

About Our Jewelry

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