DidaDi Handmade Jewelry – Our (His)story


DidaDi Handmade Jewelry – Our (His)story


Ideas, such as to start your own business, usually come suddenly, in a time of your life that you need a fresh start and something new. So in 2010 through a conversation with some friends the idea for DidaDi handmade jewelry, was born.

During these six years a lot has changed around me, what remains stable is the inspiration I get from my environment. Didadi handmade jewelry is a mix of my personal taste, new trends and styles that are published annually and inspiration I get from people around me. They can be friends or family, colleagues and customers who often discuss with me. Because your opinion, or your comments are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the opportunity to create new designs that suits to every one of you.

Handmade creations require long hours of personal work, thinking and continuous communication. DidaDi jewelry are created by our team in a workshop near Attica where chaos and confusion is an everyday thing. The design and creation of jewelry, communication with customers, our online store and social media monopolize our day. However, our fatigue and stress seems to fade away when we see your personal photos wearing our handmade jewelry.

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