Cancellation Policy

Order cancellation

The user / customer of the website has the right to cancel the order at any time prior to shipping. Once payment has been made by the user / customer deposit with the Bank or through VIVA PAYMENTS, the undertakes to repay in full the entire amount within 7 working days. Banking or other expenses that may arise will be borne solely by the website user.

Return products

The customer (consumers during the formulation of the law) under the provisions of Article 4 paragraph 10 of N.2251 / 1994, as currently applicable, may withdraw without justification from the contract of sale of the product / service within fourteen (14) calendar days, returning to the item in its original condition, without incurring any charge, except for return costs.

Subsequently, the, after confirming the condition of the product will return to the client the money corresponding to the value of the product. If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, shall notify this fact in writing or on another durable medium that is available to the recipient and in which the recipient has access to.