The “eyes” are back.

Nefeli Magglousi Photography

The “eyes” are back.

The DidaDi “eyes” are back this winter with new collections and designs! Sure you have been noticed that we love “eyes” very much, for what they symbolize and for their beauty of course.

In a few words, the “eye” amulet has been used by many cultures for centuries and it’s been said that this amulet protects its owner from the “evil eye”. So, people use “eye” beads in theirs jewelry and give them to their loved ones. It is an old tradition that we are happy to continue with our handmade jewelry collections.

In the latest DidaDi winter collection, you can find a great number of “eyes” in our handmade bracelets, necklaces, chokers and rings.


nazar evil eye bracelet



This amulet is believed to protect against “evil eye”. The DidaDi handmade Nazar Evil Eye bracelets are made of high quality seed beads and you can choose between many colors.

talisma necklace



The “Talismans” is an object marked with “magic signs” and believed to confer on its bearer power and protection. The DidaDi handmade Talisma Collection includes many kind of bracelets and necklaces of gold-plated silver 925.

Nala bracelet



In African-Swahili culture the word Nala means ‘lioness’ and symbolizes the “women’s power”. The DidaDi handmade NALA Collection  includes bracelets and a choker made of high quality seed beads.


Its official #eyesareback

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