Let’s talk about Chokers (Vol 1)


Let’s talk about Chokers (Vol 1)

90’s fashion are back and chokers are here to stay! Obviously, your Instagram feed is full of girls with chokers of different types and materials. In a few words, we are choked in chokers (:P) .
Our brand new DidaDi fall/winter collection of handmade jewelries, honors the adorable chokers with a line of special pieces which will complete your outfit during the day and night.
Let’s start with our handmade Black Leather Chokers. You can match them easily with a leather or denim jacket and accomplish a perfect casual rock chic look. In addition, you know that we love to add some special features to all of our jewelry, so we decorate our chokers with elements that make them special.

Didadi_Delta_Choker 1



We know that you loved our Delta Necklaces, that’s why we  used
again this special stone and created the Delta Choker.





For you that wish to have a more
gothic look we created the awesome Cross Choker.





In conclusion, for those who want an amazing piece
of jewelry, we designed the Feather Choker!


Did you liked the DidaDi Leather Chokers? Tell us what you think about them!
Have a nice day!